Who is Slick

Who Is Slick? Slick is a character developed by Saul Selby designed to help individuals struggling with addiction better understand and manage the thoughts that can lead to relapse.

The History of Slick: Saul, in his effort to help his clients, realized that most individuals struggling with addiction were their own worst enemy. They had developed beliefs and thinking patterns that tended to justify ongoing drug or alcohol use despite the fact that their addiction had caused much pain to themselves and others. When Saul confronted these destructive thoughts directly, his clients would often react defensively and resist changing their thinking. So, in an effort to reduce defensiveness Saul began to experiment with the puppet Slick to see if it would help his clients. He found that by making Slick humorous and interactive the clients were much less defensive better able to gain insight into their self destructive thinking patterns. He also found that clients would spontaneously be able to identify when their thinking was faulty and say things like “Slick told me to stop going to meetings”

Slick’s Big Moments: Slick is discussed by thousands of recovering people as the “addictive voice” they do battle with. This tendency to remember and apply the concept is illustrated by the fact that twice in a twenty year period Slick has been discussed by individuals being interviewed on CBS sixty minutes.

Humor & Slick: While addiction is not a funny matter, Slicks comments are often to be both “funny” as well as serious. The humor is designed to help clients stay focused on the video’s (clients in treatment get bored and distracted easily) and reduce defensiveness so they can more easily identify their own addictive voice.

Slick & Mental Health Counseling: The concept of Slick has been found to be helpful with clients who struggle with depression and anxiety.