Free Worksheets

Slick Six Pack Group Workbook
27 worksheets designed to facilitate group discussions for all 27 video clips in the Slick Six Pack Curriculum (How to use the Slick Six Pack)
Slick Recovery Worksheets Collection
10 Worksheets that help clients work through the stages of change reduce denial and increase motivation for recovery. (See details below of content). They can be used with or without Slick videos.


These are the individual worksheets in the Slick Recovery Worksheets Collection

Worksheet Name


Worksheet Description &
Designed Purpose

Stages of Change By Drug Category .
Asks the client to identify which stage
of change the client believes they are
in based on each drug category..
Understanding Slick .
Helps the client become aware of
how “Slick” or their “voice of
addiction” has historically
nurtured denial and relapse..
Consequences of Using .
Helps the client identify consequences
of addiction by categories like
work, relationships, finances, and
mental health..
Relationships & Recovery .
Helps clients evaluate which using
friends and family represent a
threat to their recovery and what
type of boundaries they need to develop
to protect recovery..
Why I Like Getting High .
Helps clients identify the
“reinforcing” agents of addiction
and consider alternate ways to
get those needs met without using
drugs or alcohol.
Consequences Family Form .
Has client ask family members
what problems their drug or alcohol
use has caused them. The purpose
is to gain insight into addiction
and reduce denial..
Amends Information Letter .
Has client ask individuals how
their addiction hurt others to
prepare a plan to potentially
restore the relationship
and make amends..
Amends Plan .
Outlines a plan in response to
the Amends Information
Letter. Designed to restore
damaged relationships..