Saul Selby is recognized as a national expert in the treatment of addiction. Previously the Clinical Director at Hazelden Center City, Saul is currently the President of Set-Free Recovery Services. He is an author, national speaker, adjunct professor and an ordained minister.

Saul’s’ written and video products are used in hundreds of treatment centers nationally. He is the creator of Slick “The Voice of Addiction” which has been discussed twice on CBS Sixty Minutes. He has trained thousands of professionals and helped thousands of clients address issues of addiction, mental health and relationship. He is available to help individuals, families as well as speak at conferences and other educational venues.

Areas of Expertise

• Drug and Alcohol Addiction
• Dual Diagnosis
• Sexual Addiction
• Family and Couples Counseling
• Interventions
• Public Speaking
• Faith Based Recovery


• A Look At Cross Addiction
• Twelve Step Christianity
• The Voice of Addiction

Interventions by Saul

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Interventions by Saul


Families often benefit from an experienced professional guiding the process of intervention.  Saul has been working with families and clients for 30 years.  He can lead an intervention as well as provide consultation for families to intervene in a loved one’s life.

Description & Cost of Services:

Phone Consultation: Saul works with family member to organize their own intervention and analyze what are the best services available for their loved one:  Cost:  $100 an hour

Intervention:  Saul has two meetings with family and concerned friends.  The first meeting is designed to organize the actual intervention; the second meeting is the intervention.  Post intervention Saul is available for phone consultation for the next six months. Cost:  $1000 (within a 40 mile radius of the Twin City metro)

To contact Saul about an intervention services please complete the section below: